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Description: Looking for the best dog food for big dogs? Large breed dogs need the same quality of foods which small dogs do and it is our responsibility to give them only the best large breed puppy food. There is a significant reason why we should give our dogs the best large breed puppy food. Studies show that there is a direct link between the types of dog food which a certain dog breeds needs. Smaller breeds or toy breeds tend to live longer compare to large breeds. Likewise, toy dogs seem to be less prone to health diseases while large dogs are prone to bloating, OCD, hip dysplasia and poor eye sight. Thus, large breed dogs such as Labrador Retrievers, German shepherds and Weimaraner requires vital nutrients and essential minerals in all…show more content…
Do not give him food for the entire day in a single serving. He will end up eating all of it. Space the meals fairly throughout the day. Do not give your dog his meal just before you put him to bed. As a rule of thumb, there should be a four hour meal gap between your dog’s last meal and bedtime. This will reduce the risk of becoming obese. According to the, the quantity of dog food to eat varies depending on the brand of dog food you will give him. Below is a sample Labrador puppies food chart but this is a rough guide only. Our top three Pick for Good dog food for puppies Dog food companies come up with the best puppy food for labs and other puppy large breed dog foods. These are specifically formulated for large breeds to ensure that they get proper nutrition. These products usually contain lower calories to prevent them from becoming overweight, has higher levels of Glucosamine which promotes healthy bones and packed with higher proteins, vitamins and minerals. A good dog food brand could not always be an inexpensive dog food brand. Quality brands could be a bit pricey but you are sure that it contains all the nutrient’s your puppy needs. Below are three of our best dog foods for 6 month old puppy and above. Orijen Large Breed Puppy-

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