Short Essay On Dolphin Meat

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Joshua Mejia
I Short Essay
1 According to Stephen Palumbi, that the whale meat we eat is not certainly whale meat but a dolphin meat. This dolphin meat contains toxins called PCB that dolphins acquire from small fishes, where these small fishes consume plankton that carries the said toxins. The poison is caused by pollution from run off and sewages. Palpably, this has caused enormous adverse health impact to us, as we are the primary consumers from the food chain pyramid, as previously described by Stephen. It may not be harmful in general public today but in a long run this will develop massive health alerts asserted by Charles Moore when he talked about the poor waste management that also results to marine disturbances and murdering marine life because of plastic materials floating at the surface of the water that traps a sea turtle, for instance. From the readings, the direct link of human health to marine life condition is a never ending cycle. From agricultural wastes, industrial wastes and sewage dumped into the ocean, these are the things we can’t easily eliminate, up to adulteration of ocean with such. A cycle that is losing the hope spot and replacing it with dead zones. Immediate reform is a must to
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The turtles are the most interesting creatures on earth, so to speak. Their life expectancy makes me wonder their physiological composition and their behavior. But I mainly focused on Leatherback turtles because of their unique adaptations to their environment, which makes them distinct from other sea turtles. Meanwhile, submarine vehicles rooted from the film Titanic. I remembered this yellow-sun-fish-looking vehicle that James Cameron used to explore the depths of the sea to capture images from the Titanic wreck and came face-to-face before it. That was extraordinary (during those times I guess when I was only 8 years old and I could barely understood the main theme of the

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