Short Essay On Fashion Draping

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Learning about the Art of Fashion Draping Fashion draping is the oldest method in fashion design, and it has been used since the 18th century. Today, it is considered as an essential part of fashion design. Fashion draping refers to the process of placing and pinning fabric on a standard size dress form to create the structure of a clothing design. You can find various types and sizes of dress forms created for women, men, and children to fulfill the requirement of fashion draping. You can drape a dress using a design sketch as a basis or by playing with the way your fabric falls to create new designs that give the starting point of the dress design process. After you finish draping, you need to remove the toile fabric from the dress form. The…show more content…
Basic sloper patterns are sometimes used to create draped and stylized garments. There are designers who also use sloper to create sleeves. Draped pattern making can also be considered as a connection between design and production of a dress. This process is a method of interpreting the design regardless of the style, size, and shape. During the draping process, you manipulate, mold and shape fabric through the skillful hand you have, until the design is replicated in three-dimensional form. Draping noes not necessarily involve the aid of a pattern to create new designs. However, drapers may choose to include parts of an existing pattern in the preparation of the muslin as an aid in the drape. If you are used to flat pattern making, you may use some aspects of draping to create specific designs. However, each of the pattern making methods has its importance, but using them together enhances your ability to create design patterns accurately. There are some important aspects that you should consider when you drape fabric on a dress form. They
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