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Figure skating is one of the most watched sports of the Winter Olympics. The first known example of skating occurred in Finland over 4,000 years ago. It began as a way to get around and run away. While the first skates were just pieces of bone strapped to the foot, in the 13th century the Dutch developed steel blades. Jackson Haines, in the mid-1800s, was the inventor of the modern figure skating. He attached blades with screws making performing jumps and leaps without the blades falling off, possible. The complex designs that the skaters would create on the ice gave the name figure skating. In the 1908 Olympics, and that was the only year that special figures took place. Sonja Henie helped to increase the popularity of figure skating when…show more content…
Velocity is speed in a certain direction. This plays into figure skating because, from the time the skater starts to the time they finish, they are constantly moving. The skaters must move in a direction which gives it the velocity component. Without speed and velocity the skaters would just stay in one spot which would not be very interesting to watch. The skaters have to move at incredibly fast speeds to be able to achieve the spins and jumps that make figure skating so interesting to watch. Speed and velocity allow figure skating to be a fascinating sport to…show more content…
The amount of force is determined by how hard the skaters pushes off of the ice. The mass of the skater will establish the needed amount of force to accelerate. Larger skaters will need to exert more force to be able to accelerate at the same rate as smaller skaters. The harder the skater pushes off the ice, the more acceleration there will be. Gravity, friction, and the amount of force the skater applies determines the magnitude of the net force. Therefore, Newton’s Second Law of Motion is an important aspect of figure

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