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Straighteners or stylers are the easiest way to achieve smooth, sleek hair. They can get very hot so it's important to use them wisely and not too much as they can cause damage to your hair. Below is a rough guide to using hair straighteners.

They are manufactured in different sizes and materials, but for maximum effect ceramic ionic plates or infrared plates are the best.


It's worth first mentioning tourmaline. Manufacturers who use this claim this is must-have technology for hair straighteners. It's a kind precious stone that can be used as one of best sources of negative ions and infrared technology. (If you don't understand infrared technology see below.) Tourmaline can -

1. Help to make your hair more responsive

2. Help to achieve smooth silky finish

3. Reduce static electricity (no frizzing)

4. Seal in your hair's natural moisture

In fact, manufacturers
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So don't plug in your hair straightener and leave it on as this will cause damage to your hair straightener and any surface it's placed on.

Straighteners are better on dry hair. After washing hair its best to let it dry naturally or with a hair dryer. There are hair stylers for wet hair but they generally don't seem to perform as well or heat up as much. They certainly don't seem to give the same shine as a blow dry.

Apply if you wish any special pre-straightening formula. Starting from the roots, separate your hair into thin strands and insert a strand into the plates. Close the plates and slide down your hair slowly towards the ends of your hair. Don't keep running the plates over your hair; it is advisable to straighten the lengths gently for about 6 seconds for the best results

You can also get straightener lotions that give hair vitamins and moisturizes at the root. Hair that has been abused by thermal appliances, chemical treatments and hair colouring, can be brought back to life and given a

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