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Short hairstyles for women
Celebrity short hairstyles
Rihanna celebrity short hairstyle
Rihanna sports a super short hairstyle called straight bob that is really chic and stylish. The jet black locks cut short at the jaw line emphasize amazing facial features beautifully. This black women short hairstyle has plenty of attitudes and gets a little boost of volume and sass with ease due to the addition of long side bangs and a bit of teasing at the root of the hair. Also Rihanna demonstrates another short cut hairstyle – colored pixie with bangs. This hairstyle for short hair features caramel highlights that give to this gorgeous woman a splendid, vibrant makeover and it is nothing short of breathtaking. However, if you want to achieve seriously sexy short hairstyle you should add some deep blonde highlights to the locks and, thus, you will switch up your hairstyle without going overboard. Moreover, it can be a good short messy hairstyle if you cut it short into a messy stylish pixie cut for extra style points and enjoy this fun and quick hairstyle for short hair.
Nicole Ari Parker celebrity short hairstyle
Nichole Ari Parker usually
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It is an example of super quick hairstyle for short hair that will look amazing in every situation. You should just pull off the sexy curls with hair rollers or a hair curler. However, Estelle also likes another short African American hairstyle – bowl cut pixie. This lovely lady demonstrates her chopped locks in a way that she switches up her hair with a cool boy haircut that can take us back to our elementary school days. You might want to give it a try if you are quirky and bold like this sensational singer as this hairstyle is definitely not for everyone. It is rather different but actually quite intriguing and surely will get everyone

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