Hand Hygiene Essay

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The primary health care centers represent a crucial place for individuals seeking public health care services. They provide reachable, reasonably priced and available health care facilities for optimum care. However, they can be the reason for spread of infection particularly in case of poor practice of hand hygiene. Hand Hygiene defined as “cleaning your hands by using either handwashing, antiseptic hand wash, antiseptic hand rub, or surgical hand antisepsis” (CDC,2017).
Healthcare associated infections has drawn the attention of the healthcare system because of the significant problems associated with it in terms of increase in financial cost, hospitalization, morbidity and mortality. Because of this we now notice a better
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Hand hygiene is now considered to have an important role in infection control. Especially when WHO has included it with the patient safety…show more content…
•Also, alcohol rub should be provided

2- “training and education”
•this is the responsibility of the health care facility to prepare training courses for the faculty.
•The training courses may include the importance of hand hygiene, the indications of the hand hygiene as in “My 5 moments of hand hygiene” approach (appendix 1), and the correct methods of hand wash and hand rub (appendix 2,3)

3- “evaluation and feedback”
•one of the important keys to improving the hand hygiene is to monitor the faculty directly to check for their approach and compliance.
•To evaluate the improvement in the previously mentioned points and give the health care facility a feedback for a better improvement.
•The evaluation can also be done by questionnaires that check the knowledge of the health care faculty.

4- “reminders in the workplace”
•posters and pocket leaflets can be used as reminders.
•The posters may be placed in different areas in the facility, it should include the steps of the hand rub and hand
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