Short Essay On Happiness

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Unlike movies, life goes on. Fortunately it does not end at these happy moments. These little portions of happiness are undoubtedly achievable but limited, very limited. The fact that I can list the moments in which I was happy is a proof of happiness being unmaintained. It is an abnormal feeling. It cannot be a constant emotion, otherwise we would not notice it. How can I describe how I feel now? Just nothing! Sometimes we answer “normal”. Because being happy is not normal, it is recognizable by our body and therefore memorable. We cannot count how many times we were ‘normal’ but we can make a list of when we were sad, happy, stressed out, tired or mad. Can we define emotional neutrality or feeling normal as happiness? Because if, for example, we win the lottery at that moment we would describe ourselves as ‘happy’ which means we weren’t actually happy. Since happiness is not maintainable, does unhappiness mean being sad? Is it accurate to believe that “You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting…show more content…
Taking the example of extremely wealthy people, they had it all, they are on what they thought is the peak. They quickly run out of all kinds of pleasurable activities and ideas. There will only be one more card for them to play. POWER, control and manipulation of other humans which causes war, poverty and humanistic disasters. The idea that happiness is an achievable state but depends on something we do not have, we find can be disastrous and so can be the delusion that happiness is maintainable. If someone is not happy or at least satisfied with what they already have, they can never be satisfied with something that will happen in the future. Everything is temporary. Everything that we go through in life has come to pass, it did not come to
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