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Hemorrhoids are a common, but usually harmless inconvenience. This means that the anal cushions, which are small pads of connective tissue and blood vessels in the anal canal, becoming enlarged. It may bleed, causing itching and stinging around the anus, it can leak a bit of mucus or stool, and you know something that bulges at the anus. Hemorrhoids often go back by itself without any treatment.

There are internal and external hemorrhoids. The interior is covered with mucosa and can either be inside the rectum or seen outside the anus. The external hemorrhoids sitting right beside the anus and are covered by skin.

It is common for pregnant women get hemorrhoids. First, pregnant women a greater amount of blood in the body, and
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If you suspect there is a drug that is the reason you should consult with the doctor who wrote the prescription. Together you will have to weigh the symptoms of constipation against the benefit the drug can do. Sometimes the doctor may change the dose, or suggest a different drug that might give less discomfort of constipation.

How is it diagnosed
If you notice bleeding from the rectum, can be the cause of the hemorrhoid. For example, to get a little bright red blood on the paper when you wipe yourself after using the toilet, or blood splashes in the toilet. Blood is often clear and not mixed with feces.

Other symptoms may be that it itches and stings around the anus gases and a little stool or mucus leaks out without being able to stop it because it hurts when you empty the gut that you know something that bulges at the anus. The pain may be due to the intestinal mucosa has been irritated adjacent to the hemorrhoid and the formed small cracks. The leakage can occur because the hemorrhoids are covered in mucous membrane that secretes mucus, and the anus does not close properly

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