Prevention Of Homelessness

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First of all, the majority of authors felt concerned, hopeful and sympathy towards homelessness people and some of them think that homeless people are a victim of circumstances which includes the gambling, impact of their family, joblessness, poverty and also disabilities. Even homelessness may be a bad thing for the majority of people around the world, but it probably has some positive side of thinking. Even so, I have realized that there is seem to be one main element in order to save the homeless person. The government should help homeless people get back on their feet. They also need to make sure that homeless people don’t abuse systems such as housing and security. Still, homeless people need to get up on their own two feet, for themselves.…show more content…
Unfortunately, not everything will go on smoothly like had been planned as the questions keep arising on how well these homelessness people willing to provide their inside story to an outsider? Will they submit to their free will or do we need to give some rewards to those who give participation for conducting this observation? This is why according to Dr. Simon Wharne, a researcher having a trouble to conduct their research regarding a homeless and thus they were struggled to get a balanced approach that may be a solution to help the homeless people meanwhile the homeless also a part of the politically argumentative problem. No matter what kind of advantages that we gave to them, they still doesn’t want to move on with their current lives as for being a homeless is a better place for them to live in their own world without no corruption between that homelessness in fact they pretty much gives some respect to other homelessness too and there’s no law in their world. This setting of a mind set of homelessness people seems to give a big impact to an organization for continuously making improvement in their services because as a normal human being that thinks normally have a difficulties to understand…show more content…
Allocating some budgets for homelessness into account for controlling the money flow so that a country can spend wisely and not overly used since the country itself is still in developing phase. Even though it is quite difficult to provide some suitable jobs for them, for example, working in the factory, working in the collecting garbage section or cleaning services section or even in construction section, with some necessary protection like insurance or anything that can encourage them and secure their position in working section. However, in the circle of homelessness, there are a people that once a person working in professional firms such as accountants, engineer and even some manager. With these people, a government or non-government sector needs to think of getting them back into their own sector because the knowledge and skills that they have is irreplaceable and obviously such things are hard to be done because they already comfortable in their homelessness way of life. In fact, they turn out to be homelessness was because some jobs are not in

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