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Homeostasis: What is homeostasis? Homeostasis is a process that any living orgasm uses to actively maintain a stable internal condition to allow the organisms to survive. With referring to humans, a society homeostatically maintains its stability despite competing political, economic and cultural factors, however it also occurs with any living organism. Ecosystems and Ecosystem Homeostasis: Ecosystems are not only huge, they are also complexed. They contain networks of a variety of animals that range from the largest mammals to the smallest insects. Alongside those animals, plants, fungi, and various microorganisms also tie into the ecosystem. Each one of these living organisms interact and affect one another. each ecosystem has a hierarchy…show more content…
Today, earthworms are found all over the world due to their amazing ability to travel from place to place. these earthworms are known as 'peregrine' species. Once they introduced into a new area, they have another amazing ability that allows them to breed rapidly and colonise their new home and often outnumbering the original native species and becoming the superior species. They are commonly found in soil, leaf litter, under stones and logs, and occasionally in trees. They are usually found in wet and heavily vegetated areas. Native species are primarily found in undisturbed areas, but some can tolerate cultivation and a few species persist in deserts. Earthworms can be defined as terrestrial invertebrates that belong to the Order Oligochaeta, Class Chaetopoda, Phylum Annelida. Their characteristic features are that they are externally segmented with a corresponding internal segmentation, and usually have setae on all segments. They are hermaphrodite, and produce cocoons containing eggs which hatch into immature worms, that are similar to the adults except in size and development of their genital organs. Earthworms make a large contribution to the biomass of invertebrates in soil, particularly in temperate

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