Essay On Hybrid Vehicles

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Abstract : An electric hybrid car is one which runs on electric motor and does not consume fuel. It does not involve the complication of harmful emissions and is thus environment friendly. It utilizes batteries which generate 200-300 volts or more of electricity. The battery is charged through regenerative braking which converts the car’s kinetic energy to electrical energy. Electric Hybrid Vehicles can be classified by the degree of hybridization as full hybrid and mild hybrid. Full hybrid vehicles include the type which run by only batteries, only engine, or a combination of batteries and engine. The examples of this type are: Ford Fusion Hybrid and Toyota Prius. Whereas in a mild hybrid vehicle the electric motor does not have enough power…show more content…
In the event of a collision sufficient to active the supplemental restraint systems, hybrid vehicles utilize safety switches to automatically cut high voltage power to the system. A fuse will open cutting off high voltage power from the battery if the system short circuits. The positive and negative cables are isolated from the chassis to prevent any type of electrocution hazard from touching the chassis itself. To ensure safety, always treat high voltage cables as if they are energized. The high voltage cables and batteries are placed by the manufacturers in locations that we generally do not consider cut points. The possibility must always be considered by the rescuer that the vehicle which has suffered grave collision, damage may have high-voltage components closer to necessary cut points. In case of hybrid vehicles, never approach from the front or the rear until being sure that it has been immobilized and disabled. In order to achieve immobilization choke the vehicle, place it in park and then set the emergency brake. Several models including those produced by Ford, Mercury, Toyota, Lexus have ready light indicators on the dashboard to alert the occupant that the vehicle is in its “ready mode” and will move if the accelerator is
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