Short Essay On Importance Of Learning English

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In this era of Information communication Technology (ICT), English is considered a powerful language in the world to exchange information and technology. Wallraff (2000) in ‘What Global Language’ claims that English has become an official language in many non English speaking countries where even the number of English speaking people is lower than the mother tongue speaking people. At present the role and status of English in India is higher than ever before and it is the key of medium of instruction, curriculum. Therefore, people are more concerned more about the importance of learning English. There is a huge transformation in the way how we learn and how we teach English due to advances in technology which is rapidly making inroads into…show more content…
Initial cost is high: The infrastructure cost of digital library i.e. the cost of hardware, software; leasing communication is generally very high. 2. Speed of access: As more and more computers are connected to the internet, its speed of access reasonably decreases. If new technology will not evolve to solve the problem then in near future internet will be full of error messages. 3. Band Width: Digital library will need high band for transfer of multimedia resources but the band width is decreasing day by day due to its over utilization. 4. Efficiency: with the much larger volume of digital information, finding the right material for a specific task becomes increasingly difficult. 5. Preservation: Due to technological developments, a digital library can rapidly become outdated and its data may become inaccessible. 6. Environment: Digital libraries cannot reproduce the environment of a traditional library. Many people also find reading printed materials to be easier than reading material on a computer screen. Kind of Services and Resources Provided by Digital Library Some of the services provided by Digital Library are as follows 1. Expert Services – These information services is based upon demand and need of the

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