Short Essay On Importance Of Tourism

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Tourism industry become important to our country. Increasing in demand of this industry will give advantages to individuals and also the parties that responsible on it. In many years ago and to the future, the tourism industry has been sold as a products and also services to consumers as to tourists too. There are so many interesting places that can be visited in our country. Of course in Kedah too, many attractive places that can be visited by tourists. But the number of tourists’ arrival is different in the different tourism destinations.
Jerai Hill which also known as Peak of Kedah is the one attraction in Kedah. Since 2016 is Year Visit Kedah, “Discover Kedah 2016” tourists or visitors should grab this opportunity to visit and experience this place. In order to attract tourists and visitors to come to Jerai Hill, the government of this state and any responsible parties should cooperate to each other’s to make sure the plan to attract tourists will successful. With the beauty of nature, Jerai Hill can also provide nature based tourism to make visitors and tourists will gain the best ever experience of this place.
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Based on the discussion on ecotourism, it can be also identified highland to be developed as tourists’ destination in our country. Even this destination is highland area, but this destination still can provide complete facilities like hotel, swimming pool, camp site, resorts, and so on. With these facilities, visitors and also tourists will attract to go and visit Jerai Hill. Not at all, the rich of the natural resources and also the different types of flora and fauna can be the attraction to Jerai Hill itself. Visitors and also tourist can experience to see the various type of flora and fauna by themselves. And for sure, the highland can be the best destination for tourists and visitors to join the hill activities like jungle

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