Short Essay On Julian Bond Biography

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Letting the colored people vote (Julian bond biography) by: Ava Rondeau Who was Julian Bond? You ask. Julian bond was a very strong civil rights leader, political activist, and a politician who wanted equality in America. His professional writing was very good and helped him with his life in college. When he was in Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia he established the student nonviolent coordinating committee (SNCC). Childhood, Julian was born at Hubbard hospital in Nashville, Tennessee to his parents Julia Agnes and Horace Mann bond, on January 14th 1940. His mother was a former librarian at Atlanta University and his dad was a president of Lincoln University. He had two siblings James Bond, and Margret Bond. He won an award in 6th grade for being the brightest student. In high school he was getting judged because of his race after a while he did get adjusted to that. In 1957, bond graduated from Georgia school a private Quaker preparatory boarding school near newton in buck’s county, Pennsylvania. Bond was also an amazing poetry writer for a couple newspapers and magazines. His first achievement was in politics, in 1965 Julian was one of the eleventh African Americans to be…show more content…
Callaway led in the 1996 general election by 3,000 votes. The choice felon state lawmakers, because neither major party candidate had polled more than 5,000 votes as a write-in. Bond didn’t support either although he was ordered to. Bond also ran for the united states of representatives from the 5th of Georgia’s congressional district in 1986. During the campaign Luis challenged bond to take a drug test but Bond refused to take that drug test. Including his wife Alice who he later got a divorce
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