Mohammed Ali Biography

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Mohammed Ali deserves a great movie about his life, we all know him as a Great Boxer but he

was more than that. From small age he had a huge vision which he achieved and became more

popular. His ultimate vision was to become the number one boxer in history. He overcame many

hardships to achieve his vision.

Mohammed Ali was the son of Odessa Grady Clay and Cassius Marcellus Clay Sr. Mohammed

Ali was born as a Christian, and he was named as Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. Later he converted

to Islam. He was having a great bond with his family; He was so adorable with his big joking

mouth. He had 4 wives and 9 children. Next to his career and his people, his family was there.

He was such a great father who loved his daughters so much so that
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He taught his children to be a great person in their life. As a father he fulfilled all his

duties. Mohammed Ali has won peoples heart and he is being called by some other names such

as The Greatest, The People’s Champion and the Louisville Lip

Mohammed Ali from the age 12 started to work very hard to achieve his vision. He was raised in

Louisville, Kentucky, and from the age 12 he began his training as an amateur boxer.

Mohammed Ali was born on January 17 1942. From the age 12 he was so devoted to his vision

which was to become a great boxer one day. He always had one thing on his mind it is that he

should be the greatest of all; no men should be able to beat him up. He was a person who

completely kept a unique vision which was not only to become a great boxer of all time but also

to get the freedom for the black people. He had so much of confidence in defeating all of his

opponents and also the U.S government. He had to suffer a lot for refusing the U.S governments

proposal on attacking the Vietnam people. He didn’t want to kill innocent people through his

strength which was the Boxing. He had to face many problems due to this; his license was
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Mohammed Ali was kind of a person who outsmarted the

competition like challenging the opponent by telling what and what things he will do to his

opponent. He always tried and proved to be the greatest of all.

Leadership in action


Mohammed Ali was a person who was having a positive mind and never underestimated his self;

He never allowed others to think that he can’t do it. He had a tremendous personality. One of his

special quality was he never gave up, even during his hard times he fought back with whites. But

still his gratefulness he also mentioned to the whites that black people never hated them it was

only white people who hated them. Mohammed Ali was a person whom people liked quickly due

to his big mouth by which he always jokes. He had some weaknesses too. He was a person who

gets angry really fast and humiliates other people mostly his opponents by calling them as

mummy. Gorilla etc. When it comes to his personal life, He was not faithful to his wife.

One of the great Opportunity he received was the participation in Olympics. The biggest threat to

him was the cancellation of his boxing license which occurred due to rejecting the proposal
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