Short Essay On My Dream Job

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What is my dream job? I must have asked myself this question a thousand times. It seemed like I never would find a career right for me. Even if I found a career, it seemed like there was another that was better. I knew that I wanted to do something with technology however, I did not know what exactly. It was a never-ending circle of confusion. I decided that I needed to think about what I loved most about working with technology so I thought back to the time when technology really became an inspiration for me. The inspiration to do something with technology started back when I was a young child. I got my first connection with technology when I was about two years old. " Narration involves telling a story that is often based on personal experience" (K. Flachmann and M. Flachmann 96). My grandpa lived right next to us and he used to come over anytime he needed to use our computer. The only problem was that he did not know how to turn the computer on. One day he was trying to turn it on and he finally had enough. He said, “Would somebody come turn this computer on!”. My mother told me that I crawled over to the computer and turned it on with ease. Both my mom…show more content…
I believe that in order for you to have your dream job, you must be happy. "In its subordinate role, narration can provide examples or explain ideas." (K. Flachmann and M. Flachmann 96). You do not have your dream job if you hate it. You also will not succeed as much because you will not be as dedicated. If you want to be happy with your job, you must do something that you have an inspiration for. Sometimes you just need to ask yourself, what do I really want to do? You may need to think back to when you were little and think about what you liked to do. You may need to think about what you did as a hobby. If you can find a career that matches your hobbies, you will be very successful and you will be very
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