Short Essay On Nationalism

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Nationalism, what comes into our minds when we hear this such word? This one could mean when the inhabitants of the country wish to fight for the nation instead of a certain group? Does it mean that this particular person wanted freedom from which they still fight on from the oppressors of the land? When we say nationalism, it is a feeling of devotion to and pride in one’s country. But how this nationalism reaches its people in order to be free and become patriot in the country. For me, nationalism makes us feel that we are worthy of living in the country. We live there and we fight for our country. We are patriots showing that we love our country, not for only a particular group of people. A few reference could make us know about more of nationalism.…show more content…
From having the idea that the people should not be oppressed by the elite to revolutions which created the national identity of the people. According to Miller, nationalism is defined as a, “feeling that people have of being proud of their country and is often accompanied by the belief that it is better or more important than other countries.” She said that there is a belief that one country is better than another is affecting every aspect of life for everyone. It should not become extremist for it could cause competition and in worse cases, it can cause war which can cause deaths to millions of people. The growing amount of nationalism in today’s world could end up having a damaging effect on humanity. The pride that people have for their nation can be beneficial, but it is often taken to extremity, which has caused many issues throughout history.

Nationalism here in the Philippines is such a good thing in a way that our people were able to create a national identity that we know today. But I hope that this nation should not use nationalism to make our country feel superior to the nations beyond it. It must say that all men are created equal.
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