Short Essay On Natural Disasters

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Land, water, air etc are some of the beautiful creations of the Almighty. Nature has several manifestations – Smooth as well as hostile. Sometimes, it is soothing while sometimes it is ferocious. Whenever it turns to be in its bad temper, it can bring about devastation or destruction which is known as a “Disaster”. LITERAL INTERPRETATION Literally, disaster refers to the mishap, calamity or the grave occurrence from either the natural or man-made reasons which can’t be stopped or tackled immediately by the affected community. India, being very much prone to disasters due to its geographical location, Earthquakes, Landslides, Drought, Cyclones, Floods, Forest fires, and Fire Accidents are some of the major calamities that keep occurring, inflicting colossal damage. Rapid growth in the population rate and urbanisation has mostly triggered the level of the disasters.…show more content…
Various disasters like earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, floods, blizzards, tsunamis, and cyclones are covered under the scope of the term natural disaster. Human Instigated Disaster is also known as the complex emergency and is the disaster caused due to major happenings such as fires, oil spill, breakdown of authority, looting, wars etc. DISASTERS IN INDIA OVER A DECADE- AT A GLANCE India has faced some of the most destructive disasters in past decade which can be named as under: NAME OF THE EVENT YEAR AREA Cyclone “Vardah” 2016 Chennai Floods 2014 J&K Cyclone “Hud Hud” 2014 Andhra Pradesh Odisha Floods 2013
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