Short Essay On Plastic Pollution

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With the constant development in the world, plastic materials are considered as one of an essential product of human’s invention. It has become the main industrial item in our current days. As can be seen in these days that there are new and various types of plastic materials. Plastics are used in industry, agriculture, education and medicine, thus, people’s lives have become very dependent on it. Lately, the studies and tests demonstrate the impact of plastic materials not only on the human health, but also animals, and the environment. Consequently, this has led to the need to tread carefully to protect from damage and polluting effects that it caused by. Studies also show that “People are exposed to chemicals from plastic multiple times…show more content…
For instance, the bags that are manufactured from materials used in the plastic is mostly is not recycled, so it considered one of the things that polluted water and soil. First, water pollution it’s caused by waste thrown out in the ocean by human beings such as plastic bags, which threatens marine life, for there are a large number of animals who consuming plastic garbage as it's their food, which is without a doubt harmful to their health and leading to their death. Bagsbegone (n.d.) states that approximately 46,000 pieces of plastic are in the oceans, where various of marine lives take these oceans as home. Also, he says that plastics are disposed in the water and the soil causing limitation of the water source. Second, soil pollution caused by the existing of plastic bags above the soil, which lead to impede the feeding process to the plants. Furthermore, The decomposition of plastic bags leads to toxic substances so then the plastic will mix with the soil, causing invalidity of land for

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