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Punctuality or timeliness shows that reaching or doing things at the specific time, neither early nor late. One the secret of success in life is punctuality. People who are famous and successful in the world are known as punctual person. They know the value of time and used in the correct way in their lives. Therefore, to live a meaningful life, one should make the best use of time; and the only way to make best use is punctual. The punctuality habits should be taken step by step. Youth is a time of one 's life in order to obtain this valuable habit. Once this good habit is obtained, it is hardly to goes away. It became part of nature within oneself. A punctual person is respected and cared by others. The habit of punctuality adds much importance to one 's personality. Individual or society is able to achieve their goal in life if being punctual person.
For example, if a student is conscious about the
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Attitudes to time may be varying between different cultures in often quite significant ways. For example, being late for an appointment, or taking a long time to get down to business, is the accepted culture in most Mediterranean and Arab countries, as well as in much of less-developed Asia. Such habits would be curse in punctuality-conscious USA, Japan, England, and Switzerland. In the Japanese train system, for example, on time refers to expected delays of less than one minute, while in many other countries, up to fifteen minutes leniency is still considered on-time.
Many people have impression that Japanese are punctual. In fact, we can easily find data and cases supporting this impression. Moreover, many Japanese will agree that time discipline became integral to Japan life. Great importance is placed on loyalty, politeness, personal responsibility and on everyone working together for the good of the larger group. Education, ambition, hard work, patience and determination are held in the highest regard. The crime rate is one of the lowest in the

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