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So, the travel bug in you wakes up and starts jumping right at the sight of an enticing long road? Are you tied with work all round the week and taking a break almost seems impossible and to add to the monotony are the never ending expenses? Fear not! Here is a list of 12 one night stands perfect for a road trip from Delhi!

Must haves before you begin your road trip adventures.

A Car
Rs. 2000 for fuel (depends on you!)
Rs. 2000 for Food (depends on you again – but any road trip is incomplete without food!!)
A few friends (to tag along)
Some soft drinks, snacks (Don’t drink and drive!)
A Camera
Some Extra Cash if you plan to stay over/ indulge in activities around
Some real good music – a road trip is incomplete without music!
Spring is round the corner and this year is full of long weekends. Excuse yourself from the city buzz and elope with your travel buddies for a
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Road Trip to Bharatpur

Fact File:

Distance: 182 Kms

Time: 3 hours 40 minutes

bharatpur | AHA Taxis

A fancy ride on NH2, the Agra-Jaipur highway takes you to a small town and misleading roads until the locals guide you to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the Keoladeo National Park. The entrance might not appeal to you initially because of the abandoned look & feel, but the interiors of the jungle will leave you mesmerized. Park your car inside and explore the sanctuary on a rickshaw ride worth Rs.70. The rickshaw puller doubles up as a guide, spotting birds and giving all the details about them.

Visit the temple nearby and carry some atta (wheat flour) along. Wondering why? Let the Pujaari throw balls of atta into the pond adjacent to the temple and see hundreds of healthy turtles come out for food.

Tip: Early morning visit is highly recommended. Also, stay at the Bharatpur forest Lodge for an incredible experience (Room rent – Rs.2500 approx.) Best time to visit: August – November (Breeding Birds), October – February (Migratory Birds)

7. Road Trip to Unchagaon

Fact File:

Distance: 117

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