Short Essay On Rural Tourism

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In India, since the Eighth Five Year Plan, some of the new forms of tourism were introduced which were over and above the usual cultural tourism, religious tourism or leisure Tourism. These were briefly asunder and during the Ninth Five Year Plan lot of work initiated to have focused promotions on all these special interest holidays. Business Tourism
Business executives and technicians have to offer travel to different places on account of their business. Such visits can be for installation of equipment, inspection of goods, attending business meetings conferences, participation in travel fairs and exhibitions, marketing of products. Since the opening of the Indian Economy for overseas Investments, this became a growing segment in India since 1991.More and more business people have been coming to India for business purpose and adding business with pleasure in their India sojourn. Convention facilities, car rental and thus tourism took a big boost with the growth of this segment.
Incentive Tourism
Incentive travel has emerged as a popular means of rewarding the employees for special achievements and contributions by several business houses specially Multinational Companies, Insurance Companies, Banks, Pharmaceutical firms, Engineering Houses. The employees are given free tickets or holiday packages to
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The rural tourism experience should be attractive and sustainable for the host community. The rural experience must capture the uniqueness of the Indian village with its traditional way of life and livelihood against the backdrop of rural India. It must also provide tourism facilities in terms of accessibility, accommodation, sanitation and security etc. Sustainable tourism activity in the rural area must harmonies well with host community. While benefiting the community economically it must stand with the social fabric and improve the quality of life in the

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