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Sleep paralysis describes the state of paralysis of the body, after the awakening of the mind. Due to the fact that the person is temporarily paralysed, they struggle to speak or move their body which causes them to enter a state of fear. This makes the experience feel much more frightening than it is in reality. Some of the symptoms associated with the occurrence include: suffocation, a feeling of pressure being exerted upon the individual’s body; as well as a sense or hallucination of an evil presence in the room. As worrying and frightening as it is, Sleep paralysis is merely a sign that the individual’s body is not going through the stages of sleep undisturbed. It is very rarely connected with a larger, more serious sleep disorder.
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However, the majority report feeling an undeniable eerie presence in the room. Sleep paralysis happens to anyone, at any time. Every time you go to sleep, there is some risk of waking up in sleep paralysis but how severe the experience is and the degree of consciousness varies greatly. Most people experience sleep paralysis at least once at some point in life, and it is possible that some are not even aware of it. When it does happen, it’s rarely the same experience for everyone.

Most common cases of Sleep Paralysis were in students and psychiatric patients. Lack of sleep causes exhaustion, which makes it more likely you are to experience sleep paralysis. Sleep deprivation can either be measured in quality or quantity, so one way to avoid the harrowing experience of sleep paralysis is getting a good enough quality of sleep. There is no clear cause but Stress, depression, a few prescription medications, and an inherited gene have all been linked to sleep
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The first clinical observation was made by a Dutch physician in 1664 who diagnosed a 50-year-old woman with “Night-Mare.” It was believed to be caused by demons or spiritual possession until the 19th century, when it was termed “sleep palsy” and eventually “sleep paralysis” in medical texts. Swiss painter Henry Fuseli’s painting of a creepy demon-like man sitting above a sleeping woman is said to be inspired by supernatural dream experiences and the growing interest in sleep paralysis among doctors at the time. This creepy little gremlin could also represent the sensation of chest pressure, which many people experience. There are various folk legends all over the world that attempt to explain the existence of it in different

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