Short Essay On Smart Dogs

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Dogs are regarded as a man’s best friend. Dogs are known for their desire to please, loyalty and of course, intelligence. They stay on our side and provide us comfort and a sense of protection. When one is looking to bring home a dog, one of the things that matters is their intelligence. Finding out the level of intelligence of a specific dog breed is important on how easily a dog can be trained and how obedient and responsive will they be based on their ability to understand commands. The smarter the dog is, the more trainable it will be. Is your dog one of the most intelligent dog breeds?

Just like people, dogs differ in intelligence too. It has been believed that a dog’s intelligent can be determined by the time and effort that their owner puts into action, still there are inherent qualities that make a certain breed of dog a standout above the rest.

Almost dog owners are pretty convinced that their pet is one smart hound. This is because the meaning of the word smart differs from one person to another. Many believe that an obedient dog is a
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Airedale terrier - known in the role as show dog, watch dog, hunting dog, and a family pet. He is a highly intelligent and a quick learner but is stubborn and unforgiving of harsh handling. The way to his heart is solid and regular training but violence and maltreatment will get you nowhere. Hard and brutal training methods will bring non fulfilment because the Airedale is truly resilient than any trainer.

19. Giant schnauzer - is a smart dog and an independent thinker. You must begin teaching him early so he will think of you as his leader. It is important that you will assign him a job to do, from his everyday training exercises to engaging to a dog sport such as tracking, obedience, agility and rally. Giant schnauzers are athletic and very energetic and they enjoy hiking on leash, jogging and long
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