Short Essay On Space Exploration

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If you took one heat dispersing tile on a space shuttle and heated it up tp red hot with a blowtorch, in the time it would take to put the torch down, the tile would already be room temperature again. This is just one of the numerous innovations in technology created by the push of mankind into space. In his book Space Chronicles, Neil DeGrasse Tyson addresses the ideas, motivators, and benefits of space exploration. In this book, he addresses the idea that we need not only need to continue exploring space, but we need to make it a top priority. As mentioned, innovations in space “cross pollinate” with scientific and technological fields on earth. If NASA and all exploration into space is given the support that it deserves, then it will be able to…show more content…
During the space race, the U.S. was dumping money into NASA. Because of this, we not only made innovations in space exploration and put a man on the moon, but we also created things that now we would not be able to live without. It is impossible to go to a doctors office and not find an ear thermostat, or go to the grocery store and not find frozen microwave pizzas. More importantly, it is illegal in many places to rent out a house without smoke detectors, which have saved many people's lives. Not only does NASA cross pollinate the consumer market through space exploration, it can have a huge influence on lifesaving medical procedures. When the Hubble space telescope was launched, its photos were extremely blurred because of a malfunction in the lenses. While the repairs were being planned and carried out, specialists and code writers worked on a way to extrapolate as much information as possible

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