Essay About Superstition

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[Description of superstition including generally accepted meaning, how common it is, what folk group uses it, etc.]
This superstition always used by the older generations (who are Muslims) to their kids or to any Muslim children. This superstition has been passed down from generations to generations, especially those who lives in a village and have strong beliefs towards Islam. This superstition is also well known among Muslims all over Malaysia and Indonesia because we tend to have the same beliefs. Besides, Malaysian Indians and Chinese also know this superstition as it is widely used by Malays in Malaysia. Sometimes, the other races that have been exposed to Malay’s culture also use this superstition to ensure that their kids return home
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Thus, my mother told me this superstition specifically for the purpose of my project. I conduct this interview during summer time where I went back to Malaysia. There were my other family members sitting around us—there were my father and my grandmother. I interviewed my mother for about 45 minutes by asking her the details of this superstition. During the interview, we were my grandmother’s house in Johor, Malaysia to visit her before Eid Ul Fitr (a religious festival celebrates by Malaysians’ Muslims). My grandmother’s house is a traditional house that was made from woods and located in the center of her estate.

[CONTEXT in which the superstition is most often used/told/acted upon]
[When, where, and from whom informant first learned superstition]
This superstition is widely used among Muslims and being told daily by the elders to the younger generations. This superstition is also prevalent among people who love in the village where the surroundings are dark during the sunset. Most people who live in a village also have strong beliefs towards ghosts other supernatural things. Thus, they tend to use it to make the children scared, as they tend to believe in ghosts.

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