Character Analysis: The Kite Runner

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Kite Runner Short Essay Text ‘The Kite Runner’ written by Khaled Hosseini uses unique stylistic features and literary devices that inspire the readers. For instance, the text allows the readers to think about the relationships we have between others and customs by using the link of Hassan and Amir. Narrating the story by using the protagonist Amir, the text consequently makes the readers think about what and how redemption can be made. On this text, Amir wants to redeem his guiltless life before Hassan was raped. Naming the event “rape” as the central moment stimulates the reader's consciousness and minds to define Amir as an unforgivable person, and force Amir’s redemption. Amir and Hassan had a relationship that seemed indestructible. “For you a thousand times over”. (pg.67) Hassan never felt insubordination over Amir. He was obedient. Amir feels guilty because Hassan was raped by a Pashtun and Amir just didn’t do anything. He wants to ‘be good again’; however, he was not heroic enough to do so. The author consecutively reminds Amir about the ‘rape’ as a central moment throughout the text and makes him remorseful. Yet, ‘Human-beings’ will always tend to be like Amir. Humans surrender in front of fear. No one can blame Amir because if we were Amir, we all would have done the same thing. Who could ever stand up in that situation? However, because the author recapitulates the guilt inside him, this causes not…show more content…
‘The Kite Runner’ encourages the readers to wonder what is redemption and who is worthy enough to correct the wrongs from their past. Furthermore, through this text, readers should be able to acknowledge the difference between individuals and concede that guiltiness has primary impacts to one’s

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