Five Types Of Tornadoes

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A spinning funnel of wind is a tornado that is like a giant vacuum. Weather causes tremendous storms. During a violent thunderstorm, a tornado can be formed when hot and cold air mix together in the lower atmosphere. A tornado touches down on the ground, sucking up all the wind in the air. It is like a giant vacuum. The intensity of the tornado will increase to five levels. Tornadoes can touch down to the ground like a giant vacuum and cause massive destruction. Tornadoes are common in midwest, but they can happen anywhere.

To start with, a supercell is a system that produces thunderstorm, and if it is violent enough, it can create tornadoes.Supercells can produce large hail, damaging winds, deadly tornadoes, flooding, dangerous cloud-to-ground
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The most places that tornadoes have been is Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley is a nickname given to a place in the United States where a lot of tornadoes build.

It is essential to know if a tornado is coming. There are many signs including the sky is black, winds are high, rotation in the clouds, whirling dust, heavy rainfall, wind shift, everything is dark. And during the night time, there are blue-green flashes near the earth.

Everyone in the world doesn't have tornado proof houses. A good home to live in is one that can stand up to a tornado. Builders are trying to create tornado-proof buildings. When a house that can't stand up to a tornado, then people should go to places called a safe room or the basement.
Knowing when tornadoes are coming is very hard for meteorologists to predict. They need to anticipate to protect people, but if they predict a tornado too many times and they are wrong, then people will stop believing them. Groups of meteorologists collect information through something called the "mobile Mesonet" to predict accurately. The scientists need to know everything about tornadoes, especially when where and how they
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Tornadoes don't get names like hurricanes, but they are named after the places where they caused the most destruction. The world's deadliest tornado was in Bangladesh in April 1989. About 1,300 people died, and 50,000 lost their homes. The first tornado day we Midwest in March. The United States Weather Bureau (the precursor to the National Weather Service) had called for "rains and strong shifting winds" on that day, but not tornadoes. Flint Beecher Tornado is the 10th deadliest tornado. The Flint Beecher Tornado killed 116 and injured 844 on June 8, 1953. The Great St. Louis tornado was the third deadliest tornado. The Great St. Louis tornado was part of a tornado outbreak that affected the central and southern regions of the United States. It killed about 255

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