Short Essay On Unemployment In Spain

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Since the death of Francisco Franco and the establishment of a constitutional monarchy in 1975, unemployment has been a persistent problem in Spain. Spain is the Member of the European Union with the highest level of temporary employment, which can be very bad for jobs creation because of its negative effects on productivity. A persistent feature of the Spanish labor market, since Spain became democratic in 1975, has always been a very low rate of interregional migration. In a competitive economy, labor mobility would generally help to level the regional unemployment rates of a nation: the workers would be expected to move from areas with high unemployment to those with lower unemployment. However, one of the underlying reasons for the high…show more content…
Consequently, during and after the crisis there has been a sharp reduction in employment rates. Since the crisis, participation in education has risen. Also, there is a lack of specific skills for employment and practical experience with employers. Most of the professional training in Spain is based on school lessons. Since 1975, the group with the highest unemployment rate in Spain has constantly been young adults aged between 16 and 24. The large amount of investment in higher levels of education has led to a situation of over-educated workforce, so that the supply of highly skilled labor has grown much more rapidly than its demand. This has led to an increase in the unemployment rate of highly educated workers and a decrease in the wage gap between workers and people with low levels of education. Therefore, the Spanish education system has contributed to the difficulties that young Spaniards face to enter the labor market, because it focuses on education at university and it does not invest much in technical

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