Pros And Cons Of Polluted Oceans

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I believe that polluted oceans can cause both animals and humans to get sick and die. When people pollute, it ends up in the ocean and then people go in the water and get sick. Pollution is not the only thing, plastic is very bad and kills animals. I have seen animals get caught in plastic bags and I have seen animals trying to eat the trash people throw. Imagine trying to relax by walking on the beach and then coming across a dead animal that has plastic wrapped around it, I have seen that and it is very sad. Pollution is killing many animals and here are some examples. 1. Some dead sea otters had arrived at Melissa Miller’s Santa Cruz California lab and they had bright yellow eyes and gums and their livers were completely destroyed. The…show more content…
If someone disagreed with me, they would say that throwing one piece of trash on the ground won’t harm anything. Also people say that they don’t litter at the beach, they just throw trash on the concrete not near the ocean, therefore it is not harming the ocean. When people put fertilizers on their plants they just say that they are keeping their plants alive and it is not harming anything. Many people think that throwing a plastic item on the ground doesn’t do anything. Also they say that we can’t get rid of plastic because everything is made of plastic. We need plastic in our lives, for example they need to use the plastic bags to put groceries in and to scoop up dog poop. Plastic is helpful because it can be easily molded so it is used for many…show more content…
Even if you don’t litter at the beach, when it rains the litter will get washed into the drain where it then heads to the ocean. Jacques Cousteau said “The sea is the universal sewer where all kinds of pollution end up conveyed by rain from the atmosphere and the mainland.” Also plastic does harm both people and animals because the sea animals such as fish consume all the litter and toxins and then we eat the fish and we can get sick. So humans consume the litter too. 3. Also huge plastic islands are a result of plastics being transported then converged in the ocean where currents meet. There are about 580,000 pieces of plastic per square kilometer in the Atlantic. 20%of trash comes from ships and platforms and the rest of litter is from it being blown into the sea, picked up by tides and initial garbage dumping. Plastics don’t biodegrade which means they break into tiny pieces and get eaten by sea animals. Plastic has killed 100,000 sea turtles and birds a year from getting tangled and indigestion. The sea animals such as fish consume all the litter and toxins and then we eat the fish and we can get sick. So humans consume the litter too. When you swim at beaches with pollution in the water and sand, you can get sick. When beaches are closed, advisories are posted and that means that harmful bacteria, viruses, protozoa, or parasites are in the water. When

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