Short Essay On Wheat Farming

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Wheat is dominant over other grains because of its ability to be a flexible and reliable crop. This crop is grown across a wide range of environments all over the world and has the broadest adaptation of all cereal crop species. This flexibility is due to its tolerance to cold. Wheat originates through the Near East and spread throughout the world through migration. The crop becomes domesticated through human being cultivating and harvesting it. Deliberate planting of wheat in new habitats created a way for the wheat farming spread. During the Neolithic Era, wheat spread to numerous areas around the world, including Italy/Greece, and Eastern Europe. Different countries use wheat in different ways; some of the most common being to make bread and cakes.…show more content…
Winter Wheat is planted in the fall and harvested in the following summer. The crop emerges after seeding and then stays dormant in the winter months. In the spring, the crop resumes growth and can be harvested later in the summer. Wheat is planted in the fall to take advantage of the moisture in the soil. Other varieties of wheat follow a similar planting/harvesting schedule. This crop is flexible because it can be grown in a wide range of environments. Wheat also contributes essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, and beneficial phytochemicals and dietary fiber components to the human diet, and these are particularly enriched with whole-grain products (Shewry, 1538). Just as wheat can be grown differently, it also used differently around the world. This popular grain is used in human food and livestock feeds all over the world. In Asia, wheat is used in noodles and bread. While in the Middle East, wheat is used in flatbread, couscous, and matzah. The uses of wheat vary all around the world which we have seen demonstrated above. Finally, Low-grade wheat can be used by industry to make adhesives, paper additives, and aid in the production of
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