Process Essay: The Design Of Traditional Wine Glass

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Regardless of how careful we are around wine, it’s inevitably going to get spilled on something or someone. The traditional wine glasses are tall, it easy to avoid spillages at the dinner table. Super Duper Studio designed a wine glass that can rest at an angle when knocked over. "Spillproof" have two sizes you can choose. One for red wine and other for white wine hold about the same amount of liquid as average glasses – 150-175 millilitres for red and 120-150 millilitres for white.

The glasses of the wine is easy to break on the table even at home. This interesting design can help you take the wine glasses outside. This design comes primarily by watching how people use what exists today, overcoming the difficulties, is enhancement and Innovation.

This design breaks with the classical convention, is a beautiful combination of function and pure pleasure. In traditional wine must be stay in home or indoor, find a comfortable place to enjoy your wine. Nowadays, enjoy the wine not only indoor, you
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Some people choosing types of wine glasses, they are not just pay attention to the material from which it is made. And they think the glass must be plain and clear. Part of the enjoyment of wine is appreciated of the color. The traditional wine glass must have a stem, the reason that not just it’s pretty, to assure that from the hand does not increase the temperature of the wine that has been served chilled and for avoiding that greasy fingerprints.

The first about the functional, the glasses can be a double wall. Wine should be served at specific temperatures, generally slightly below room temperature, and certainly well below the average temperature of the human body. It can separate the temperature of the wine, did not affect the taste of the wine. This must be a modern design and useful to enjoy the great taste of your

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