Zika Virus Research Paper

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Because Zika virus is in the news a lot, you might worry about how it could affect you or your family. But a Zika infection usually won't cause problems in children and babies. The virus is of most concern for pregnant women and women who may become pregnant. What Is Zika Virus? Zika is a virus that a person can catch if bitten by an infected mosquito. First seen in Africa about 70 years ago, the virus recently has spread throughout the world, particularly in tropical areas where certain types of mosquitoes live. The main problem with Zika is its effect on unborn babies. In pregnant women, the virus can cause miscarriage, stillborn babies, or babies with birth defects. One serious birth defect caused by Zika is microcephaly. In microcephaly…show more content…
These mosquitoes live in places that have tropical or mild climates. The virus also can spread through unprotected sex. Due to concerns that it also can be passed through blood transfusions or organ transplants, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) now recommends screening all blood donors in the United States for Zika virus. Because the Zika virus can pass from an infected mom-to-be to her unborn baby, it's important to take precautions if you're pregnant or think you might become pregnant. If you live in an area with Zika outbreaks, do your best to prevent mosquito bites, use condoms to prevent getting Zika through sex, and talk to your doctor. No Zika virus infections have been linked to breastfeeding. The CDC encourages mothers to keep breastfeeding, even if they've been infected with Zika. But as a precaution, breastfeeding women should still avoid possible exposure to the virus. Zika virus isn't as contagious as some other viruses. It doesn't spread from person to person through sneezes and coughs, as colds and the flu do. People can't get Zika from casual contact, like holding
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