Short Essay: The Danger Of A Single Story

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James Rodell Professor Hope Dammon English 1301 3 December 2017 The Danger of a Single Story "The Danger of a Single Story" is a short clip of Chimamanda Adichie telling why a single story can be misleading. If we live our lives based off a single story we will be living a black and white life. I agree very strongly with this statement; a story can have lots of fine detail but the whole truth about the subject may be skewed if you only hear one story with one person's point of view. Chimamanda Adichie tells us the effects of the danger in a single story and how we can create a false picture in our head of something, someone or a place. In Adichie’s country, education is not a priority. Her parents worked as educators in the local…show more content…
We have the social media to blame for many stories that aren’t told truthfully. The sad part is that some people believe if you read it on Facebook or twitter it must be true. Every day the media is tweaking stories to make their ratings go up so more people will watch them and bring in more money. There are many stories written in print that are true from someone’s point of view but more than likely another person who witnessed or lived through the same event would tell the story with a whole different twist. A major story that was reported with misleading information was a news story over "Fukusima 50". The Fukusima was a group of brave men and women who stayed back at a power plant to make sure the nuclear reactors did not explode in Japan during a 2013 earthquake. The media reported that most of fifty people who stayed behind to monitor the reactors would die due to 'radiation poisoning' within the next two months. That wasn't the case here, all fifty men and women are alive and well today. The reporter received their information from a mother of one of the fifty people who were working in the plant. The reporters based their information from a single story told by one person who was having a very emotional reaction. If the reporters had taken the time to interview some of the scientist they would have probably had a different story to
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