Short Essay: Why Should Schools Should Be Shorter?

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Have you ever wonder even as a parent “should schools be shorter”? Well if you do your not the only one. Lots of people including parents and students are getting involved with the question should schools be shorter. Many people agree that schools should cut down the hours and days the students have to go. On the other hand many disagree and argue and say that students should go for the requirement the school 's hours are.

Many schools are debating whether or not they should cut the hour limit. With that said schools should be shorter.

Schools should be shorter for many different reasons. To start with, f schools were to cut the hours of the school day it would save lots of money that goes towards the school. For example, in the article Shorter School Days it stated, “Just cutting off one day from school would save millions for school districts. To keep schools running 5 days a week is such a high cost that really isn’t affordable. This causes budget cuts and that makes for a lower quality learning experience”. That shows just by shorting the hours and days students go to school makes a big impact in the amount of money being saved.

To add on to why schools should be shorter is the amount of sleep students get a day. Have you ever thought about how much sleep your child is getting or in better words how much sleep is your child missing. The normal hours of sleep that kids should be getting at the ages 10-13 years old should be getting 8 hours of sleep each day. But

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