Short Fiction In Alice Munro's 'The Found Boat'

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The Found Boat
Short fiction is a great form of literature because of the many different elements that bring numerous lessons that can be learned from the story’s meaning. They also allow the reader to decide what the theme of the story is in their own opinion. Short stories often take place at one time, while using flashbacks to give necessary background to the story as it is taking place. While they story is quite a bit shorter than a novel it focuses on creating a mood rather than establishing a plot line to engage or entertain only. There are usually a small amount of characters in short stories, that often symbolize ideas or values.
In Alice Munro’s short story “The Found Boat”, Eva, a daring and adventurous young girl, and Carol, Eva’s friend who seems to be more passive let’s Eva take the lead while the while they go to look at the lake created by their town flooding. When they get to their destination they pretend not to notice three boys from their school. Both groups attempt to create a raft to float out into the lake. The girls succeed first by only using one log and kicking out into the center of the lake. Along the way they spot a sunken boat and mockingly call to the boys to stop there project and grab the “treasure”. Unfortunately, the boys are deeply thrilled at the capsized watercraft, which leaves the girls disappointed and upset.
Over the next few days the boys repaired the boat while the girls watched. Finally they coat the outside of the boat with black
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