Short Speech About Friendship

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Friends. Friendship. In every stage of life we will meet new people, be friends and wish them to stay forever. Everyone wishes to have their own circle of close friends and some are lucky enough to be granted with it. So am I. I am currently in my 3rd year of college and I can say happily I have my very own group too, who are more like a family. As people say, family isn’t always blood. Family are the friends we choose. With more than 10 of us, it will take eternity talking about all, so here is about just few of them.
Firstly, will be Wini. If I would use any adjectives in describing her it will be conservative, simple and quiet. Occasionally she will crack out of her shell and join us, the hooligans in having fun. Wini is also the very first
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Most of them are the jokers as what we girls prefer calling. There is Cam, the athlete of the group. He is a futsal runner and former state representative in running. Cam is a very jovial kind of person and is always spreading happiness. No matter whoever is sad he will be there to cheer them up He is sometimes childish but very protective of us girls just like an elder brother. And then we have Ming, the study orientated person in the group. He is always a topper, very hardworking and a flexible person to hang out with. Being 24, he is the eldest of us all. He is a tall person with spiky hair and often in shirt or jerseys. He is very helpful regarding any matter whether personally or academically. He even doesn’t mind lending us money without even expecting much out of it. Ming is a total gentleman and earns respect from all of us even without asking of it.
My group of friends prefer seeing ourselves like a family rather than friends. Some of our lecturers have even commented on the closeness of our group. Other than the ones mentioned earlier, they are more of them with a variety of personalities and yet we manage to fit perfectly well. I prefer describing us as the different shades of rainbow, all different in their own yet we complete our family. After all rainbow is beautiful because of the different colours in it. I hope or bond will remain just the same as this in the coming years as they are the people who are not to
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