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Kitesurfing is one of the most dynamic and exhilarating sports on the planet. It is the sport or pastime of riding on a modified surfboard while holding on to a specially designed kite, using the wind for propulsion. Most people are drawn to the sport by watching videos which they are fascinated by the speed, huge jumps, awesome combinations of tricks, and riding waves like surfers. These videos look awesome and easy to do, but really kitesurfing is a hard sport. To learn you have to be fully committed on hitting the water pretty hard, swallowing tons of water, and the golden key; not getting frustrated. But when you learn it is all worth it, you will be able to glide through the water with incredible speeds, jump
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By now you are probably wondering , how did it all start ? Who invented it ? And how can I learn ? First I am going to tell you how it all started, the history of kitesurfing, how did it develop through the years and what tricks you can do by progressing. Second I will show you who invented the sport, who made the inflatable kite and what is the best company of kites. And third I am going to show you where you can learn the to kitesurf and where are the best spots to kitesurf once you learn. Im also going to show you the best deal of beginner kitesurfing equipment you can buy. You will learn where did it come from…show more content…
In 1997 the Legaignoux brothers partnered with Neil Pryde to produce a small amount of kites, which they then sold under the brand name Wipika (). These kites had inflatable tubes and a simple bridle system, both of which greatly assisted their water re-launch ability. Bruno Legaignoux has continued to improve his kite designs, and went on to invent the bow kite design a few years ago which has been licensed to many kite manufacturers, and has become quite popular in modern day kitesurfing. Then multiple companies were created like North Kiteboarding, Naish, Slingshot, and Cabrinha. Other small companies were created but were not as successful as these. Later on people started to invent different combinations of tricks and jumps; they started with normal rolls and flips, but then proceeded to advanced 30 feet jumps with handlepassses and flips.
Best Spots To learn, in my opinion the best spot is in Dorado, Puerto Rico. The kite school is located in the Dorado Beach East resort and has one of the best instructors in the world. The lessons also include jetski support just incase something happens or you need help. Once you learn how to kitesurf the best spots around the world are amazing, not just for kitesurfing but for tourism overall. The best spots include Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands, Maui in Hawaii, Tarifa in Spain, and Cabarete in the Dominican
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