Short Speech: Celebrate Lohri With Almonds

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Celebrate Lohri with almonds Come January, and it is time for North India’s most awaited bonfire festival! Lohri is a fun time to exchange greetings and gifts with your loved ones, going from house to house asking for ‘Lohri loot’ and dancing the winter night away around a warm bonfire while gorging on delicious winter savories. While Lohri is incomplete without gajak, rewri, popcorn and Makki-ki-roti, you can combine the best of tradition with good health by including heart-healthy almonds in your celebrations. Gift your loved ones a box of crunchy almonds to complete their special Lohrior simply serve home-made almond and amaranth ladoos and/or caramelized sesame smoked almonds(recipes below), around the bonfire! Almonds are crunchy and tasty nuts containing nutrients that contribute to heart-health, such as mono-saturated (good) fat, antioxidant vitamin E and dietary fibre.Nearly two decades of research supports the role of almonds in maintaining a healthy heart and healthy cholesterol levels. In addition, almondscontain manganese and copper. Research has shown that regular consumption of these nuts promote satiety, a feeling of fullness that may help keep your appetite in check. Hence, this Lohri, give your loved ones a giftof good health, almonds!…show more content…
However, one can avoid overindulging around the bonfire by serving healthy snacks to munch on such as almonds. Since these nuts provide healthy fats and protein, they can help control appetite and keep energy levels up. These qualities make almonds an excellent snack to serve around the Lohri bonfire. Almonds are also a high in dietary fibres and a rich in vitamin

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