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Today, I will discuss a sci-fi masterpiece produced and directed by one of the most cerebral film-makers of Hollywood – Christopher Nolan – of Inception and The Dark Knight fame.

Interstellar begins with images of a desolate and devastated Earth, inhabited by a dwindling human population and plagued by destructive dust-storms. The ‘blights’ are slowly destroying all crops and Mankind is on the brink of extinction.

The Plot

Former NASA engineer and astronaut, Cooper (played by Matthew McConaughey), makes his living as a corn farmer, supporting his two children and aging father-in-law after the death of his wife. Cryptic messages from a ‘poltergeist’ in his 10-year-old daughter Murphy’s (played by Mackenzie Foy) room leads him to a secret
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While on the planet, an unexpected tidal wave claims the life of Dr. Doyle and delays the crew by approximately three hours (23 years in Earth-time). Following this, they go to Mann’s planet, over Amelia’s objections, to find a frozen wasteland covered in glaciers and having a poisonous atmosphere. Dr. Mann, who had faked the data on the habitability of his planet in the hopes of being rescued, tries to kill Cooper and steal Endurance. Although his plan is thwarted, it claims the life of Dr. Romilly as well as that of Mann himself.

Running short on fuel, Cooper sacrifices himself by falling into the black-hole with TARS so that Amelia can reach Edmunds’ Planet. Within the black-hole, Cooper enters a five-dimensional space created by future humans to help humanity reach sanctuary. From this five-dimensional space, Cooper manages to communicate with his now adult daughter Murphy (Jessica Chastain), and encode the black-hole’s singularity into a watch he had given her before leaving. Using this data, Murphy is able to solve the anti-gravity equation that had eluded Dr. Brand, allowing mankind to escape a dying
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