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Ladies and gentlemen, our world is in crisis. Our nations are poverty stricken and we need to be working on a cause. Poverty is an increasing worldwide issue that needs to be addressed fast. What is poverty? Poverty is not just going without food. Poverty is the state of being in financial crisis and the lack of the means of providing material needs and comforts. Poverty has existed for an extremely long time yet it is still prominent in today’s society and remains a worldwide issue. Even in some of the richest countries in the world, take India for example, the rich and poor live side by side and these are two very opposite ends of the spectrum of wealth. Based on the United Nations’ annual report, over 40% of the poorest people…show more content…
Wars destroy crops, homes, schools and hospitals causing, even more, poverty. 42,000 people are put in a position where they are forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in safer countries. These neighbouring countries, some of which were developing, will be made poor again by the sudden influx of refugees who are without money or food. War is not the only thing that can cause extreme poverty. Many developing countries are located in areas of the world where natural disasters occur frequently and severely. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood, droughts and volcanic eruptions can cause this. Thousands of homes and acres of farmland can be destroyed by an earthquake or a flood. If there is no rain, poor farmers must spend what little money they have to install pumps and organise an irrigation system. After war or a natural disaster as mentioned, these countries are forced to borrow money from banks in developed countries to begin to fix what has been destroyed. This forces many countries into debt and the people living in the country are forced to pay for it. Hunger is closely linked to poverty and I believe solving hunger is the first step to diminishing poverty. The United Nations is working on many solutions to solve world hunger so this will help with the

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