Short Speech On Procrastination

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We 've all been there. You 've been given 30 days to prepare for a term paper- yet you don 't even start on the paper until the day before its due. This is called Procrastination. A wise man described procrastination as the "dream killer" because it destroys productivity. Let 's define procrastination: Procrastination: the act of procrastinating; putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time. This is simply one meaning of procrastination. There are many other meanings and interpretations but for the sake of simplicity we will just use the above definition. How many of us "putt off" until tomorrow what we should be doing today? It is believed that the majority of Americans procrastinate on a high scale everyday. Whenever we practice procrastination it actually destroys our productivity- killing our dreams. Just think for a minute: what can you possibly accomplish (that 's worth…show more content…
Create a mental picture of the negative results that can occur if you don 't get things done. This mental shift can give you the motivation to "take action" in order to avoid the pain of the consequences. Step #2 Prioritize: Sometimes you may procrastinate because it seems like there 's so much to do-yet so little time to get things done. A way to overcome this type of procrastination is through prioritizing. Write down a "to-do" list and then look over it to see what tasks are most important and what tasks are least important. Then prioritize those tasks according to there importance level (1. being the most important while 10. being the least important) Step #3 Accountability Partner: Appointing someone to hold you accountable is another great way to combat procrastination. We usually attempt to do what we say when we know that someone else is watching us and will hold us
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