Short Speech On Zeus

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Zeus was the ruler of the gods and of man he was the most powerful of the gods and son of

Kronos,The titan god. His father gave birth to his siblings the gods of olympus. The gods ruled the heavens and earth. The gods each had their own unique power to control certain elements and life in both worlds. But zeus had the most powerful power of all of the gods combined. Zeus could control the lighting and the thunder earning him the nickname the “Thunderer”. (cartwright). The people of greece worshipped him and respected him and his teachings. They had the first olympics in his honour. So many cults in his name were made in greece to honour him and his wonderful name. People built massive structures to make him seem
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The first on is about prometheus. He wanted mankind to have fire to defend themselves. So he stole fire from zeus. Zeus punished him by having his liver eaten every day for eternity. Until he is rescued by Hercules. The second one is the titan named atlas he was punished because he was part of the 10 year battle. He was forced to hold up the heavens for eternity all because he was fighting for his life and for his rights of owning the heavens. He was fighting for Kronos so he was punished. For eternity he has to stand there. Holding up the heavens and the earth. The 3rd one is sisyphus he cheated death. When he kept dying he kept on coming back because he tricked hades each time. Finally when zeus killed him. He was forced to roll a huge boulder up a hill forever in the underworld(Struck). The 4th is pandora,pandora was the first women to be sent down to the world. She was sent with a box with all of the problems of the world. She was curious so she opened up the box. The box opened and all of the disease and all of the bad things escaped and tormented the world and humanity. She was an instrument of mankind's punishment. She was sent there because mankind had…show more content…
He was a unloyal person to his wife who was his sister. He had 9 children including Athena. He made up rules to be loyal to each other even though he didn’t do that himself. He ripped open his father and freed his siblings. He fought a 10 year battle with titans. He created the first humans and then destroyed them over fire. He then created a new race of humans that had fire and intelligence. He punished the guy who gave them fire. He then set him free by sending Hercules. His brothers were jealous. He had the power of thunder and lighting. He was worshiped by the greeks and the romans. He had the first olympics in honour of his name. He had a massive ego that he hated getting broken. He would torture other gods and humans (Atsma). He made pandora open the box. To cause problems for the world because they had fire. He had ixion lashed for having an affair with his wife. He made a King roll a large boulder up a hill for cheating death. He had Atlas hold up the world and the heavens. So there you have it that was zeus and his life. He would torture people if they were not loyal. He would have affairs with other women. He had 9 children including Athena and Hercules. He destroyed and rebuilt humanity(
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