Short Speech: The Sound Of A Tear '

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The Sound of a Tear
A single tear can do so much. It can create a kingdom. A kingdom in which the very Creator wipes away the tear before it hits the face. It sometimes generates a breeze of wind that lingers. He gets into the origin of the tear and pits the groan that we might bear it. It’s not easy to be lonely; have friends yet be friendless in the sense. The effect is we see clearer as the day approaches. He hears the cry of our inner being, and before the thought manifests that would cause disarray in our world, serves to dispel the dark forces, move them to the light and we albeit go through . . .

Question for Love
I’ve searched so long for you. I’ve looked, I’ve waited, I’ve cried, I’ve lied, I’ve searched so long for you. I thought
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Life intervened, and your life pattern changed.
But in my heart you will always remain the same.

When we were together, we had such fun.
But for now your life’s work is over and done.
I still feel stunned and oh so sad
At times a little outraged, sullen, and mad.

Why my little cousin is no longer here?
I must go now, in my eye there’s a tear!

A Love Poem
I couldn’t love you more as God walked around with you in the Garden of Eden.

I wouldn’t have known what great offenses I had made were it not for your deep love.

Your unspoken word which causes me to feel what you do not speak with your lips.

A feeling that lifts my very soul just the thought that you love me and I you.

The chance to experience and implement the profound strength gained by such emotion

To take wings of the morning and surround you with pure, unadulterated caring,

Encapsulating you in a cascade of passion unleashed by the power of you.

Before he took your rib, I was inside of you, brought forth and always a part,

Sharing the love he showered on you and communing solely in the spirit of adoption.

My Best Friend Is Dying
I walk around day in and day
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Who him think he is? I gonna make him know what real love feels like, tastes like, be like.

Who him think he is, flaunting that beautiful body in front of me, making me want him so bad?
Who him think he is, if me gets me hands on him he gonna be scared, if he got any sense in him head.
Who him think he is, the guy that stole my heart?
Don’t he know? I’m waiting and plotting and smart.

Short Arrow
When I first saw him I felt as if I had been hit by the most powerful drug on the planet.
Perhaps I had landed on a little known experience for me.
Yes, that’s it. I fell in love with a man for the very first time.

Not for the wrong reasons, but for the right reasons. For the sheer glimpse of all that I’d ever desired in a man.
As if I was a bird, flying down and in one fell swoop, catching my prey.

Why, I had been hit with “Cupid’s Arrow!”

We’ve passed our anniversary. Our time spent together has become more precious with each day.

Whether you are close to my heart naturally or in my spirit divinely, you are capturing a part of my being that was untapped and void before your
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