Reflective Essay: The Journey Back To The Prison

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“I grabbed him by the collar of his uniform and pointed the gun in his face. I saw the look on his face, the eyes swelling with tears. He gave a cry of help before I jammed the pistol in his mouth. He was giving a little sob, then I pulled the trigger. This is the point when I felt something, I felt excitement; adrenaline was flowing through my veins. The wall painted red with blood; chunks of brains were scattered across the canvas. I silently thanked the corpse. The silent shock of the bystanders flooded the room. Sirens rang outside, blue and red lights shined through the window. A voice ordered me to drop my weapon and surrender. I took a little boy and I moved outside of the big doors of the bank, I needed insurance, the little boy was…show more content…
All the prisoners shuffled their way to the cafeteria. I was standing in line for half an hour before I could eat. Standing around I could see all the different groups of prison people, but where would I sit? Next to the innocents, the old timers, the bodybuilders or the creepy? I chose the old timers. I needed to ask some questions about the routines and the groups of the prison. And I needed to know about one person in particular. They welcomed me into their group; the leader of the group was saved by my father. I had friends for the first time in my life. “Your father was a good man, he will never be forgotten,” said one of them. They were happy to be in prison it wasn’t hell.
A day has passed now, it was a long sleepless night. Voices were rattling around in my head; it was my father. I had mission. I stalked a man, following him around. Until he was in a corner, it was perfect no surveillance cameras and enclosed. I crept up behind him. I pulled out my shank; I pounced on him. Covering his mouth and pushing the blade into his back. I whispered into his ear; “this is for ruining my family, my life. And for killing my father,” I threw him to the floor. He had blood pooling in his mouth. “I was paid to do it” were his final words before he started coughing

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