Short Story: A Curse From The Blimmin Devil

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The bloody scene unfolded before my eyes. I didn’t notice my face stiffened with fear. The scarlet-red flames were flickering like dancing Devils, seemingly pleased about this horrific situation. Beads of sweat began to cover up my black forehead. I securely closed my eyes that were coped with guilt and fear, squeezing both of them tightly shut. I wanted to conceal my petrified eyes from everyone, especially from my darling Matilda. Nonetheless, I couldn’t feel the slight ease. I was able to feel my eyelids quivering.

This must be a curse from the blimmin’ Devil. Or was it a punishment for me hiding the book? As thoughts raced through my head, guilt spread through my entire body, my sins piercing my heart. It was too late now. I should
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He was a good man. I am here as God’s witness.” I stepped towards the redskins. I had to do something before my Matilda found herself in danger. I should be the one to face the threat, never my girl. She is too young. I must keep her safe. It was my last duty before I crossed the great divide. One of the redskins struck my face with his calloused hand, interrupting my thoughts. My palm burned from the pain and shame of the torture but kept I calm nonetheless. I wasn't sure where this courage came from. Could it be God bestowing on me the Holy Spirit? So I shouted once more, “I will be God’s…show more content…
When it came to justice, Pop Eye's beliefs didn't matter. To me, he is remembered as the descendant of a shining cuckoo, but God wouldn’t appreciate his death. This was all I could do for him. On the spur of the moment, several bullets pierced the grainy sand, all of them aimed at my bare feet. My legs were about to collapse like twigs about to fall off a tree, but I still did not move but merely glared at the devil hearted Redskins from where I stood. I wanted to look intense. Seeing my defiance, the redskins swiftly grabbed my arms and hauled me out of sight of my fellows.

Never in my life had I been more startled and nervous. However, I didn’t say a word. I wanted to scream, but I couldn’t. I gasped in horror as I realised what the redskins were going to do with me. I struggled against their flea-bitten arms, but they were too strong. I fell down to the ground in defeat, watching helplessly as one of them unbuckled their trousers. Everything was happening too quickly. Too quick, as if it was a dream rather than reality. I shut my eyes and clenched my fists, willing for it to end before my Matilda saw me in this

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