Short Story: A Good Man Is Hard To Find

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A Non-traditional Grandmother Saved by a Non-traditional Hero
When thinking about a traditional grandmother what comes to mind? A lot of positive characteristics probably come to mind! Loving, caring, wise, putting your family before oneself, and many others! A grandmother spoils her grandchildren with kisses, and love. A grandmother is never selfish, she is old and wise. Throughout the short story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find" there are many conflicts and characteristics that lead up to her not being a traditional grandmother; self-centered, manipulative, racist, and many other negative things. Although, an unexpected hero from the short story saves her; the Misfit. The Misfit is a criminal and does not fit the traditional "hero" category.
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The way she told this story really made the grandkids want to visit this place, like she knew it would. The grandmother said that it would be very educational for them. Therefore, her son Bailey started to drive there even though he did not want too. As they started driving up a long dirt road, the grandmother remembered that this plantation was not here at all! This scared her so much that it made her feet jump up, as one can imagine this shocked everyone; especially Pitty Sing. Pitty Sing jumps out of the basket and makes Bailey wreck. Thankfully everyone survived the wreck only with minor injuries. However, the grandmother brought Pitty Sing, and she knew she was not supposed too. So, the wreck is all her fault. If she would have left Pitty Sing home, this would have not had happened. In the essay " 'A Good Man is Hard to Find ': Overview" Arthur F. Kinney writes "At the start Bailey 's mother, the grandmother of the story, is exactingly described as sneaky (she deliberately deceives Bailey about the family cat which she smuggles on their vacation and which will cause the deaths of the entire
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