A Sleepwalker's Serenade Analysis

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Tango birthed passion And cursed me with desire. Left me gasping for air And controlled my pleasure. Too much yearning, I could no longer endure And so gave in, to passion the fair! How tragic for I did not yet know, Kissing with lustful mindlessness The ripe red rose of passion Shall leave thy lips stinging With the venom of deception! Finishing, the host grinned. ‘Do you like it?’ he addressed the audience. His delight grew when appreciative words and countless praise was heaped upon him. ‘Now, now!’ he spoke, his voice wavering with laughter. ‘Let us make room for two people who I consider to be the greatest pianist and mandolin duo in the world . . . Give it up for . . . A Sleepwalker’s Serenade!’, he announced. Everyone in the room whistled as the aforementioned musicians entered the light. Curiously enough, they both had…show more content…
He offered a casual smile. ‘Why are you all so quiet? Is your idle, futile life exhausting you? Partying is quite tiring . . . though I can’t speak from experience as I am a pure-blooded Voskian, part of the hard-working men and women who have no time to even consider having a drink,’ he spoke bluntly, with his breath reeking of alcohol. ‘Perhaps you all need a very long sleep.’ There was a pause, until his seven companions—and Fess himself—burst out laughing. They began to tap profusely, noisily, gracelessly, their shoulders shrugging all the while, with the manners of baboons. Maria was astounded by those callous words coming out of their drunken mouths. She gawked at the Hillbornian eagle on their arms. Good Lord, what was happening? ‘Do not worry, undear gypsies! Someone has decided to do you all a favour and free you from your difficult lives! There shall be no more laborious nights of dancing and singing and playing inflammable instruments! I assure you, the torture will soon be over!’ He laughed, but before he could utter another word, the fallen and battered body leapt to its
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