Short Story: A Temporary Matter By Hump Lahiri

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In reading the short story a Temporary Matter written by JHUMPA LAHIRI my thesis on this would be that when people are vulnerable or hit rock bottom is when they become aware of what really matters and will properly communicate. Many times in life people will allow things to build up and where on them and have that final explosion when they have had enough. That trigger that can set things off may be so minor to some that they may think a person is acting irrational about what happened, yet when they sit down and discuss these issues with their partner, co-worker, friend, etc. they begin to realize that it wasn’t this minor event that set them off it was a serious of occurrences the other person had let slip by. The story begins with two people in love expecting a baby. The husband does not want to leave since the other is about to give birth soon, she insists that he travels and things will be ok. The child dies in child birth with the husband not around. He returns to his wife in the hospital and things never return to normal. These are all culminating events that lead to their new found distain towards one another. “In the beginning he had believed that it would pass, that he and Shoba would get through it all somehow.” (Lahiri, 1999) The event that creates the distain with the couple is the death of the child. It is never mentioned in the story that the wife feels hate for her husband not being there, but the author illustrates that he feels guilt for not

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